A maze that regenerates each round as 2 tanks battle it out!


Player 1: W,A,S,D to move and SPACE to shoot

Player 2: Arrow Keys to move and P to shoot

Try to Collect Power Ups and shoot your opponent before they shoot you.

Each round generates a new map.



//Normal Crates give you 20 bullets;

//Missile Crates give you a missile;

//Lazer Crates give you a Lazer;

//GattlingGun Crates give you a Gattling Gun;

This project was made for the PROC JAM and is in early early prototype stage with plans to continue development  and add more features including

1. more sounds

2. scoreboard

3. more randomization and variety in maze 

4. more powers and general gameplay features

5. ai and vs ai mode

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